Global Taxi Driver – Community-based Ensemble Theater Workshop


Work-in-Progress Performance and Panel DiscussionNot a Taxi RIDER story where a driver tried to rip you off and drive you the wrong way. A Taxi DRIVER story where you learned about the Driver through an exchange or a story he/she shared about where they came from or how they ended up driving a taxi.

Come share your story and be a part of creating a new play called Global Taxi Driver. Led by Founding Artistic Director Leilani Chan and TeAda Artists Ova Saopeng and Shayamala Moorty, this theater workshop is open to Community Members, Taxi Drivers & Riders interested in sharing their taxi ride stories and Artists interested in learning ensemble and devised theater techniques.

WHEN: Monday August 12 @ 7PM
WHERE: Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408
WHO: Anyone who has a taxi* story to tell. All experience levels welcome — FREE!
RSVP: email or call (612) 871-4444

* “taxi” includes cabs, limos, vans, tuk tuk, water taxis, etc.

Can’t make it to the workshops? No problem!

Come see the Global Taxi Driver work-in-progress performance: Saturday, August 17, 2-4pm @ Intermedia Arts. More opportunities for audience members to share stories will be there.