Do you have a Taxi Driver story?

Not a Taxi RIDER story where a driver tried to rip you off and drive you the wrong way. A Taxi DRIVER story where you learned about the Driver through an exchange or a story he/she shared about where they came from or how they ended up driving a taxi.

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Example Stories

Work-in-Progress Performance and Panel DiscussionHere are some examples of the kind of stories we’re looking for:

  • In Bangkok, as part of a trip to Laos for Refugee Nation, the driver to the airport was Thai Isan and could speak with my partner in Lao. He told us that most taxi drivers in Bangkok were farmers trying to make extra money between harvest seasons. During harvest season it’s hard to find a taxi.
  • My company, TeAda Productions, did a workshop with members of the LA Taxi Drivers Alliance. The leader himself was an ex-military rebel from Ethiopia now living in Los Angeles organizing for the rights of taxi drivers.
  • In Alaska, I met (and argued with) a conservative Russian man who had connections to the Russian mafia in CA.
  • In Greece, immigrants cross the Mediterranean Sea escaping war torn countries, only to find an economy in crisis and tension against immigrants of the rise.
  • In Tahiti, approximately 90% of the taxi drivers are middle age women or older. It is not uncommon for taxi drivers to be women at any time of the day or night.

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